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Learning to love yourself is the first step towards 


Kindness starts within each of us. 



In 2010, I began a lifelong personal journey into the world of recovery.

What I've learned through this journey has given me the tools to handle anything life throws at me with peace and serenity in my heart (and believe me - it's thrown me some doozies!). I've used the principles of recovery to live life on life's term and remain a kind, loving and hopeful person despite my circumstances

I want to share these tools with you.  I want to help you grow your toolbox, so that when life throws you a curve ball, you can walk with humility and grace through it all. 

I am passionate about helping you find positivity and peace by sharing my personal experience, strength and hope. 

I've started the Kindness Grows Here Movement to enlighten the world that success- both personal and business - can be achieved in parallel with kindness and that nice guys do NOT finish last.  The seeds of kindness start from within beginning with learning to love yourself fully and then becoming a Kindness Ambassador; planting kindness where ever you go. 

I believe that my purpose here on earth is to show you that life can be peaceful and happy - no matter what.  Happiness will not be in every single minute, not even every single day, but it's yours if you look for it and work towards it.   


Let me show you how. ♡

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